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Used Cadillac for Sale in Bahrain

Cadillac... A Century of Luxurious Cars

It's almost hard to believe that the Cadillac automobile manufacturer has been existing since 1902. The brand name is known as the first luxurious car ever made and today we present to you some of its most iconic models.

Cadillac Series 370D - 1934

This model is one of the older versions of the 30s roadsters. The Series 370D was an elegant vehicle that was built to offer a classy ride that would build the company's reputation for years to come. It stood out between other cars with its aggressive appearance letting the world know that it was the most powerful Cadillac at the time.

Cadillac Bubble Top Limo - 1959

This was one of the most desired vehicles of its’ day, it was designed and built for Queen Elisabeth the second and her husband Prince Phillip. What made this car so popular among world leaders was that it had a bubble at the back of it that easily popped off to make the passengers more visible to the public. This vehicle stood out as being high-end luxurious and prestigious.

Cadillac Escalade ESV SUV - 2002

The 2002 Escalade ESV SUV sports utility car delivers high on performance as it was given an even bigger and more powerful V8 engine. This model helped the company grow an entirely new generation of Cadillac owners with its eight-passenger seating options.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe - 2010

An updated version of the CTS-V, comparing the two, we can see some beautiful similarities in design that were pumped up with a lot of power. This model is one of Cadillac's most beautiful designs to date.

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