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Hamsters for Sale in Bahrain

Are Hamsters Suitable Pets for My Children?

Hamsters are considered good first-time pets for kids because they are relatively easy to look after. However, some of their care instructions may not go well with your child so before you get the pet, think wisely.

Know All the Facts first

Hamsters feed on plants and greens and require fresh clean water at all times. They enjoy exercise, hiding, crawling, running the wheel, and chewing toys. They like to sleep inside enclosed spaces and speaking of which, hamsters sleep during the day and become very active at night which might conflict with your kid's sleeping schedule. In addition, you should never ever wake a hamster up while sleeping because there's a good chance it will nip you, which can also be a problem if your kid doesn't understand he shouldn't do that. Also, they have a very short lifespan between 3-5 years and this could cause you a headache everytime a pet is dead.

Do Hamsters and Kids Mix?

Well, it depends! Studies have shown that pet hamsters can be a good option for school kids, but not for younger ones. In addition, if your child is a renowned troublemaker or a klutz, maybe get a stronger and bigger sized pet that he can't accidentally choke to death.

Tips for Raising Pet Hamsters

If you think this is a good idea, we advise you to follow these tips: Put down some ground rules and make sure all your children follow them, Make your eldest child the one in charge of the pet's well-being, allow your younger children to assist, don't let the pet out of its cage without your supervision.

And now, go to OpenSooq's Hamsters section to find your new pet.

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