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Horses for Sale in Bahrain


Horse breeding in Arab countries

The Arab countries have been known for centuries and decades since ancient times for the sport of horse breeding. It was known from the Arabs that they took the lead in breeding the acquisition of purebred Arab horses, 

Man’s relationship with horses dates back to ancient times, the relationship between horses and humans is distinct. The horses are one of the most prominent ancient means of transportation for goods and passengers, not forgetting the pleasure given by the horses speed, But speed was not the only factor that enhanced the relationship of humans with horses since ancient times; the strength factor was the most important in the formation of this relationship, and this comes through the strong ability of horses in carrying human beings.

Horses Role in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Horses in the Kingdom of Bahrain receive great attention because of the symbolism, pride, and prestige of the people of the Arabs, Where you will find the largest stables in Bahrain and the most ancient breeds and varieties of horses in the world in terms of the safety of the race.

Horse riding is a great fun sport and a must to learn in the Kingdom of Bahrain, it provides different kinds of horses’ activities in festivals, workshops and horse riding trips, horseback riding in Bahrain gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the Kingdom's enchanting beauty especially that the island is surrounded by water from all sides.

Rituals of Selling 

OpenSooq offers you the rituals of buying and selling horses that present a state of knowledge, civilization, and human luxury transmitted by generations with confidence and guarantee for different options for you to choose in a wide price range options. 

How to raise horses

Horses are one of the animals that need care and attention. The more care increases, the greater the strength and beauty of the horse and its attachment to its rider and loyalty to it. 

A person who is interested in raising horses can understand their behaviors and what they feel, by looking at some signals that come from them that may indicate a certain meaning; for example, when the horse raises its tail, this indicates that it feels enthusiastic, or that it is in a state of alert if her tail is reduced, she may be in a bad psychological or physical condition, such as feeling subjected to pain or anger, and she may also be in a state of discomfort or anger when her tail is moved and swinging continuously. Of course, it’s not about the tail only you have other body parts to consider like the face, ears, and legs. They all point to many things that the horse might be feeling. 

Another aspects that must be known also for raising horses are their food, drink, cleanliness, health, and training and their place of residence; horses need a shelter that protects them from climatic changes at the same time you need to go out in the open air and run in fields.

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