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Upholstery Services
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Upholstery Services in Bahrain

Upholstery Services

Upholstery, most known as the art of restoring what is old and worn out into something brand new. You may have a piece of furniture that was once of a loved one, yet the print is too old or it might have some scratches. You may have a living or dining room set of furniture that you have had in your home for some time. You could just want to change things up a little but not so much, especially if the furniture fits your space perfectly. Go to OpenSooq and check out our Upholstery Services.

Upholstery Services on OpenSooq:

Restoring furniture

Restoring dining room chairs, couches, cushions and tables. Why get rid of sentimental pieces at your home that fit the space perfectly. Instead, restore the items by contacting the services providers through our website. Choose different prints and colours; making the furniture match your taste perfectly.

Furniture Maintenance

Cleaning the fabrics of your couches, chairs and cushions. Replacing broken couch or chair legs, and polishing wood are made available by visiting our website and contacting the service providers.

Curtain Design and Installation

Design your own curtain, using your prefered fabrics and patterns that go with your bedroom, living room , dining room, or kitchen. The same curtain designers would install them after they are made.

Designing Living Rooms and Bedrooms and their Installation

Get to plan out how your bedroom and living room is going to look like: size wise, material and fabric wize and the overall general style of the room.

On OpenSooq, there are plenty of useful upholstery services that will save you money rather than buying brand new furniture. You can restore your office furniture as well. If you are a upholstery service provider, sign up on our website and provide your details and contact information. Your customers will contact you through the number you have provided or through the comments and private chat. And as the saying goes, “Out with the old. In with the new.”

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