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Used Cars for Sale in Southern Governorate

Cars for Sale in BH

Cars in Bahrain 

If you are looking for a car to be with you each step of the way, you are a businessman, a doctor, a driver you have a budget plan or you just want to buy your dream car today you will find your perfect car.

Luxurious cars

You have a big number of luxuries car to choose from in Bahrain you can start with Mercedes the monster of the car manufacturer market, Mercedes was established by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler it is a German brand and well known for models like the C Class, E Class,  and GLA. You can buy your Mercedes starting from BHD 15,000. Mercedes offers a choice of 34 models and 61 different versions for the buyer in Bahrain to choose from such as Mercedes A 45 AMG, C Class Cabriolet, CLS Class and E-Class Cabriolet. The authorized distributor for Mercedes Benz in Bahrain is Al Haddad Motors. 

If not so interested you can just BMW it, BMW is a strong German competitor is known for great models like the 3 Series, 4 Series, 7 Series. BMW Offers for Bahraini car lovers 29 models covering 59 versions which is a great number that you will get lost in. it also can offer you economical models like the BMW 1 Series. The prices start from BHD 12,000 and the authorized distributor for BMW in Bahrain is Euro Motors. Now, you just have to decide which series to go with. 

Another choice is the four rings, the amazing Audi the German masterpiece well known for models such as the A3, A4, and R8. The prices start from BHD 9,100. Audi offers 24 models and 53 unique trims for Bahrain buyers to pick from. The authorized distributor for Audi in Bahrain is Behbehani Brothers.

More of an Economic choice 

Talking about the previous choices doesn't mean that the Bahraini market doesn't offer economic choices it has may choices such as Toyota, Honda, KIA. Now let's talk japans Toyota to lead the way it offers the Bahraini people 16 models and 57 different versions. One of its budget-friendly the Toyota Yaris Sedan which starts from BHD 4,900. Most selling models in Bahrain are the Land Cruiser, Yaris Corolla, and Camry. The authorized distributor for Toyota in Bahrain is Ebrahim K. Kanoo. Are you having second thoughts, no problem you can go for Honda? 

Honda is one of the main Japanese automotive manufacturer that has released great economic models such as the AccordCivic, and City. The prices start from BHD 5,000. Honda offers for the Bahraini market 9 models and 20 varying trims. The authorized distributor for Honda in Bahrain is National Motor Company. Last but not least KIA the most adorable brand for economic cars lovers it’s well Known models Rio Optima and Sportage and the most economical model is the KIA Picanto. It has 15 models and 41 different versions so the Bahraini buyer will be confused. The authorized distributor for KIA in Bahrain is Bin Hindi Motors. 

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