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Women's Fashion in Southern Governorate

Women's Fashion

Womens clothing

Clothes All Over the World

Clothes are sewn costumes that cover and protect the human body from the weather and the external environment. They developed through ages to fit people’s needs and daily life activities. Choosing clothes varies depending on many things including the type and nature of the career, religion, the kind of occasion, season, personality, age, and size, as well as culture. Each country and culture has its way of clothing; Bahrain, for example, has special traditional clothes for males and females. In general, men wear a Dishdash with Abaya, and women wear special dresses or Abaya.

Clothes Manufacturing

In the past, people depended on sewing needles and threads only to make clothes. Unlike the old ages, nowadays, everywhere including Bahrain, manufacturing of women's clothes needs special tools such as sewing machine, sewing needle, thread, meter, and many kinds of accessories, as well as different types and colors of fabrics. Cloth manufacturing is accomplished by using the previous tools in the process of measuring, cutting, and sewing fabric together to make a well-designed piece of cloth.

Women Clothes

Males’ clothes differ from females’ clothes, each one of them has special features and specific characteristics. Women in Bahrain have their traditional clothes but they wear them on special occasions only, in everyday life they wear casual clothes or Abaya. Generally, there are many types of clothes which women can wherein Bahrain including the following:

  • Abaya: it is mainly a black baggy dress that covers the entire body; it could be made in different designs and colors lately.

  • Sport clothes: they are a special type of clothes which are made to be worn while practicing different types of sport such as swimming, diving, hiking, and jogging…etc.

  • Casual clothes: they are clothes which are made to be worn during everyday life due to their feature of comfort and flexibility.

  • Occasions’ clothes: they are special clothes which are made to be worn on very special and specific occasions such as parties, weddings, concerts, work uniforms, and solaces...etc. 

Women Clothes Parts

Women clothes, in general, contain many parts that can be listed as the following:

  • Top wears: including coats, jackets, sweaters, and shirts…etc. 

  • The bottom wears: including pants, jeans, and shorts …etc. 

  • Footwear: including boots, shoes, heels, and trainers…etc. 

  • Suits: including complete special outfits for a special occasion or purpose.

  • Other wear: including underwear, caps, ties, socks…etc. 

  • Accessories: including glasses, jewelry, watches, and belts…etc.

Clothes Objectives

Clothes have many main objectives including protecting the human body from environmental factors and weather such as cold, sun, rain and snow. Another objective of clothes is to cover the body properly out of shame and chastity. Also, there are some personal objectives such as expressing personality, beauty objectives and presenting the culture and traditions of a specific country.

Clothes Prices in Bahrain

Prices of women’s clothes in Bahrain could not be ranged in a specific range due to the variety of their types, brands, and parts, but in general, it could be described as an average price. As an example, dresses price ranges starting from 10 to 500 Bahraini Dinar. As well as shoes, they have the same range depending on many criteria of the brand and quality of the footwear.

Find Your Best Choice

To get your best choice and suitable clothing you should search on the OpenSooq website, there are several available brands and types of cloths, if you are looking for a dress or a training suit you will find it there, as well as its accessories without making any effort.

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