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Men's Fashion for Sale in Southern Governorate .

Mens Fashion

Men Can Have Fashion

Fashion is not only for women, but men also have their type of fashion, as they have to wear a different design of clothes on each occasion and specific colors for each event as well as different types of clothes for each activity or work. Men’s clothes a thousand years ago were very heavy, frilled, and they were lacking colors consistency, European men especially, their clothes were very colorful and flashy. Then men’s fashion started to get better and more elegant until it reached its latest form. Men’s fashion recently has high classy and modern standards as well as elegance and colorful concord designs.

The Suitable Fashion

Each type of fashions or way of clothing has its suitable occasion, event or work. For example, men have to be elegant and well-dressed in their work, so mainly they wear different colors of suits to match the perfect environment of the work. As well as sport, each sport has a suitable outfit with many different fashions to provide the best comfort while practicing it. Occasions also have specific fashions to wear during them such as traditional celebrations in each culture or country like Bahrain.

Types of Men’s Fashions

Each one of men’s fashions has special features and distinguishing characteristics. Men in Bahrain have a usual outfit that is wearing Dishdash, but they might wear in everyday life some other casual clothes. In general, there are many types of clothes which men can wherein Bahrain including the following:

  • Dishdas: it is mainly a white dress that covers the entire body; it also can be made with different designs and colors lately.

  • Suits: they are special outfits which are made to be worn on special and specific occasions such as parties, concerts, weddings, work uniforms, and solaces...etc.

  • Casual fashions: they are the type of clothes that are made to be worn during daily life activities due to their comfort and flexibility features.

  • Sport fashions: they are a special type of clothes which are made to be worn while practicing different types of sports such as swimming, hiking, diving, and jogging…etc.

Other Parts of Fashion

Men’s clothes may be divided into many parts and they can be listed in the following points:

  • Top wears: including coats, sweaters, jackets, and shirts…etc. 

  • The bottom wears: including pants, jeans, and shorts …etc. 

  • Footwear: including boots, heels, shoes, and trainers…etc. 

  • Other wears: including underwear, caps, ties, and socks…etc. 

  • Accessories: including glasses, watches, jewelry, and belts…etc.

Shops in Bahrain

Bahrain has many clothes and fashion’s shops, we can’t mention all of them but we might mention the most well-known shops of men fashions, and those include the following:

  • City Center in Bahrain.

  • The Avenue.

  • Seef Mall.

  • Moda Mall – Bahrain World Trade Center.

  • Enma Mall.

  • The Bahrain Mall.

Even Better Than Shops

If you are searching for suitable men’s clothing you should search on the OpenSooq website, because it is even better than shops. There are several available brands and types of clothes, if you also want to buy your wife a dress you will find it there.

Men’s Cloths Prices in Bahrain

Prices of men’s clothes in Bahrain could not be determined in a specific range because of the huge variety of their types, brands, and parts, but mainly, it is an average price especially those available on the OpenSooq website and they are reachable by all classes of people. If we took a small sample of men suites price range, it starts from 5 to 200 Bahraini Dinar depending on many criteria.

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