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Cheap Flight and Concert Tickets for Sale in Northern Governorate

Working As an Entertainment Tickets Sales Representative

When you first read the headline you might think it's absurd, what's so interesting about selling tickets for a living? There are many upsides to the job you may not have thought of. We've asked people who work in this field and these were their answers.

Employee Discount

The first thing that comes to mind is the massive amount of money you save with all the discount you get. Tickets aren't cheap, if you really think about it, you'll find that you spend almost a quarter of your salary on them -if not more. Any chance of cutting down this cost is considered an advantage.

Builds Your Way to a Career in Sales

If you're passionate and serious about building a career path in sales, working in entertainment tickets sales is a good start for you. Taking this opportunity will teach you the manners of customer service, it will teach you patience in dealing with people as you will meet so many of them with different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

You Get to Meet a Lot of Celebrities

Whether it's a concert, a sports match, a medical convention, or even a movie premiere, there's always the chance to meet a VIP, which makes a good story to tell to your kids in the future.

The Full Stage Thrill

Seeing the crowd of people coming to the event is an instant recognition of your efforts which gives you a huge satisfaction.

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