Mountain and Racing Bikes for Sale in Muharraq
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Bikes for Sale in Muharraq

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Bicycles for sale in Bahrain

Cycling in Bahrain 

After launching the first multi-sensory cycling study (Ride Nation) in Ramadan of 2019, cycling became popular in Bahrain even for women, and the demand for bicycles has increased. The " Miles for meals" campaign that started in Bahrain, allows interested parties to burn calories by cycling, and those calories burnt will turn into meals to be distributed to local communities, which is meant for a good cause. After these subjects became viral in Bahrain, more and more people became interested in cycling. Also, in the past few years, cycling hobbies have spread among Bahraini women in residential areas as a form of sport and to maintain fitness and physical health, especially when Sarah Al-Sammak. The first Bahraini trainer accredited by Britain to teach cycling in 2017. Whereas, in the same year, The Bahrain Merida Cycling Team was established. The team is funded by the government of Bahrain and the Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer Merida.

Types of bicycles

There are so many types of bicycles in general, they may be classified according to the way they are used or based on the manner of sitting on the bike or based on the material they are manufactured from. Etc. We will look at the types of bikes based on where they are generally used and the most common ones. 

The first type is the road bicycle, which is the most common type used in GCC countries. Mountain bicycles are the second type, and they are used for mountain and off-road biking. The third type is the hybrid bicycle, which can be used on and off-road. 

The fourth type is called cycle-cross. They are the same as road bikes but come with slightly wider tires. Then comes the fifth type, which is called a touring bicycle. They are bikes designed for paved roads but come with features that make them travel long distances, and the position of the cyclist is more comfortable than the position on-road bicycle. Sixth type is called track-fixed gear bicycle, and they are called Fixies and are bicycles designed on special oval terraces (velodrome) for Individual or collective or group races. They are preferred by most commuters because they require no maintenance. 

The seventh type is the cruiser bicycle. This type is very close to the hybrid bike in terms of comfort in riding position and is often found in bicycle rental shops because it is designed for simple use within the city. Then comes the BMX type as the eighth, which is widespread among teenagers and even adults, where this type is characterized by its small size and lightweight, which enables the passenger to do acrobatic movements and show. The ninth type is the folding bicycle, and it is called that because the cyclist can fold it and carry it in a car or a train. 

A recumbent bicycle is the tenth type. It is a type of bicycle where the cyclists lie on their backs while riding, which makes it difficult to notice on the road. The eleventh type is the tandem bicycle, which is a type that can be ridden by two people. Twelfth type is the adult tricycle, which is commonly used by the elderly for shopping and commuting. 

Best-selling brand in Bahrain 

Bicycles under the brand name Trek is the best-selling in Bahrain as it is demanded by most cyclists. This particular brand can be found in all the shops in Bahrain 

Cycling in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the countries that take great care of cycling because it is one of the most enjoyable sports for adults and children, where it has held the Bahrain Biking Festival, which lasted for two days, which was held in Manama and attended by 250 cyclists.

The concept of Bike

It is a machine designed on two wheels to help the human to move and works by moving the legs to move the pedals and the rear wheels, consists of two wheels, two pedals, an external structure of metal, brakes, and reflectors, it is also considered one of the oldest means of transportation in the world.

Types of bicycles

Bicycle accessories


It is necessary to use the helmet to protect you during the fall from the bike due to accidents or the loss of control of the bike, the liner or the filling of the helmet absorbs the shocks to reduce it and the outer layer of the helmet absorbs most of the damage that was directed on the head.

Bicycle clothing set

Whether one or two separate piece sets, it is preferable to use special clothing for the bike because it is made of nylon to provide many advantages in it such as its lightness and the presence of ventilation holes and the presence of back pockets to put anything you want, also the presence of light reflections to alert the cars.


Using a bike on the road exposes you and is expected to spread the tire, to avoid this situation, you can install a Liner, the function of which is to isolate the tire from leaving the tire in case any sharp object penetrates it.


The bag is necessary to put all your needs while riding a bike, such as putting the phone and the wallet, there are special bike bags that show the bottom of the bike seat, a bag on the waist, or a backpack on the back with weights suitable for carrying.

Other accessories

Find your bike

You can find All types of bikes in any sports shop; you can also find them easily on OpenSooq application.

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