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Cars are motorized vehicles that consist of a group of mechanical parts that work in a coordinated way to move the car, and it is one of the very important means of transportation in our time, as Cars are divided into several sections, as there are small private cars, there are large buses that are used to transport passengers, and trucks that are used to transport goods.

History of cars

The first modern car was invented by Karl Benz in Germany, where it was powered by a gasoline Otto engine in 1885, although he was credited with inventing this car, there were attempts to build cars in the same period by many engineers Where Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach patented the first motorcycle, in addition to that in 1870 the German-Austrian inventor (Siegfried Marcus) collected a motorized trolley, but it did not go beyond the experimental stage.

The best auto manufacturers

Toyota Cars

Toyota cars have always maintained their reputation and position among the best international cars, combining Japanese quality with modern and advanced technologies to satisfy consumers' desire for fully-functioning cars that are economical to be the first Arab family car and outperform other types of famous cars.

BMW Cars

BMW cars are considered a realizable dream for every Arab youth, as it is the car that combines luxury and sportsmanship, and the best in quality and durability, which always maintains its distinctive performance to remain among the first cars in the Arab world.

Ford Cars

Ford cars are characterized by being practical cars with distinct designs that combine luxury and modernity, and they are spread widely throughout the world.

Mercedes-Benz Cars

The German Mercedes-Benz is characterized by its high quality and the latest technologies that make it to the top of the lists of the best brands of cars around the world where Mercedes cars have generally enjoyed high confidence among users for decades, but now they have been fully developed with the latest advanced security systems

Hyundai Cars

Hyundai cars are considered one of the best cars in the medium price category, as they are very popular due to their high specifications and distinctive performance appropriate to their average price and this is what usually distinguishes the Korean industries.

Kia cars

Kia Motors is the pride of the Korean industry, which proved its worth within a few years and achieved more than wonderful sales results, surpassing many famous cars, as it is intended for modern car enthusiasts at an average price away from expensive cars.

Comparison between Mercedes S and BMW 750 Li

Mercedes offers the “Mercedes Command” system, it is a comprehensive technical system that provides entertainment, security and communication features, through which you can control many of your main vehicle systems from either a smartphone or a computer, and you can get the latest information about your car, while BMW provides a vertical display, As well as the iDrive system that gives you total control of your vehicle, and is equipped with a voice and gesture control function.

A difference can be observed in the safety system, as Mercedes introduces PRE SAFE technology that makes your car use the brakes automatically when it feels that an accident is about to happen, This helps mitigate the effects of serious accidents to keep you as safe as possible, Mercedes also provides another system called Night View Assist that helps you operate your car on optical drives, while BMW provides many systems such as Lane Keep Assist and Blind Spot Monitoring, They provide a safety body cover that provides a higher level of safety during an accident, and these systems also feature side impact protection to ensure total safety. 

Cars in Bahrain 

There are many Car Showrooms in Bahrain, in which you can find your dream car; there are also online applications that allow you to find your car like the OpenSooq application.

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