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Commercials buildings for Sale in Southern Governorate

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Make your deals on commercial properties with the best prices

Are you starting up a new business and in need of your own commercial property? Do you own commercial real estate buildings or offices and would like to offer them for sale? Both sellers and buyers can find their desirable properties and seal their deals directly and efficiently.

With the ever continuous growth of trade and business, there are millions of people around the world starting up their own businesses on daily basis. One of the most important things for a new business owner is finding the right location where all work tasks would be carried out. Right here, there is a huge selection of commercial properties to choose from with different locations, sizes and designs to fit any type of business.

What are the different types of commercial real estate?

A commercial property is different that the residential one as it has the potential of making profit through capital gain or rental income. There are several types of commercial properties. Each type has its own characteristics, style and design. Offices are one of the most popular commercial real estate types. An office building can be single-tenanted or multi-tenanted. They also vary in style and design from advanced to simple. Another more complex type is retail. This type include any business that house restaurants or retailers. It can also be smaller in size like small shops and restaurants or much more complex like big shopping malls.

On the other hand, there is the industrial type, which is usually located outside of urban areas and involves bigger industrial business. Hotels and resorts are also considered amongst commercial properties. They also have different sizes and styles ranging from small motels to bigger luxurious hotels. Moreover, there is the special purpose commercial property. The special purpose could be owned by commercial investors but does not fall under any of the previously mentioned types. Some special purpose real estate includes amusement parks, tennis courts and other special-purpose facilities.

What you should consider before buying a commercial property?

Purchasing a commercial property is a very sensitive step. It involves a huge amount of money and requires a significant investment. So before you go ahead and buy a commercial property there are several things that you should take into consideration. Amongst the most important things to consider is the type of business you are about to start. You should also ask yourself many questions and define your needs clearly. The location of the property is also a very essential aspect not to be taken lightly. It is also recommended that you take your time and do a thorough research to find the best possible deal. Another important thing to study is your budget; you have to make sure that you consider the down payment as well. Having studied every aspect mentioned, you can narrow your options down to some properties that match your criteria. Make sure to contact all buyers, visit all the properties, inspect them one by one and do your homework on each.  

Commercial property for sale

One of the most used terms in the real estate market is commercial property, such as complexes that sublease stores and offices for business owners, or a piece of land rented out to a big mall or hypermarket. Depending on the region and real estate prices in any given area, the rates might be low, but in city centers where big crowds can be found the rates are higher, sometimes the highest. 

In some Arab and specifically GCC countries the real estate business is prosperous and proven to be stable as the Bahraini real estate market is, even though the real estate market is slowing down in neighboring countries, which makes it a great opportunity for a long-term and profitable investment. Since this business is an investment and after all, you are just providing a service to tenants, and with the word, service comes different responsibilities like security, housekeeping, maintenance, and of course the design of your building or the location of your land make all the difference to attract business owners and tenants sign a contract with you. 

Investment in Commercial property

Commercial property is always a good option for an investment, and of course, commercial properties cost more than residential properties with additional costs for services and such, but at the same time, the returns of your investment are also higher. Business owners always look for better locations and services, and affordable rates, which is why an investor should attract tenants by reasonable prices according to the location, and good services. 

Commercial property in Bahrain 

The Kingdom of Bahrain ranks among the first places in the countries of the Middle East on the Index of Economic Freedom issued by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, through the Kingdom's commitment to maintain a work environment that is considered the most liberal in the region by abolishing taxes on private companies in addition to the freedom of movement of capital. 

The Kingdom of Bahrain also provides an opportunity for foreigners to own business assets and real estate in most economic sectors, unlike all countries in the region. The government of the Kingdom of Bahrain seeks to attract foreign investments in several sectors, which include financial services, industry sector, real estate, logistics services, and information and Communication Technology. This is why the Bahraini government is looking to encourage local and foreign investors. 

OpenSooq in Bahrain 

OpenSooq application is available in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it is used widely amongst people. When looking for a commercial property you can use the search that OpenSooq provides, modify the search criteria to suit your needs or whatever you're looking for. Look for commercial properties on OpenSooq, compare prices, locations, and chat with owner, or if you are looking to sell your commercial property, you can take pictures, post your property on OpenSooq, and add a description of your property to interest other people to buy or tenants to come rent a space or an office, or maybe a store in your property.

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