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Music Instruments for Sale in Northern Governorate

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  • Guitar Yamaha C70

    Guitar Yamaha C70

    30 BD
    Northern Governorate  |  Madinat Hamad  |  09-01-2021
    Ghadeer Ali
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  • جيتار Valencia

    جيتار Valencia

    45 BD
    Northern Governorate  |  Other  |  26-11-2020
    Hussain Ali
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  • JOYO TUNER (Brand New)

    JOYO TUNER (Brand New)

    5 BD
    Northern Governorate  |  Madinat Hamad  |  20-11-2020
    Mohamed AlMansoori
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Music Instruments for Sale in Northern Governorate
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Our Top 3 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

If you're thinking about learning how to play a musical instrument, you will hesitate no more after reading this. They say playing musical instruments makes you live a better, happier, and healthier life. As it soothes your soul, builds your confidence, and improves your overall productivity. In addition, it increases your concentration level and strengthens your memory. Ok, you're convinced, but you're still not sure which instrument to learn, as you want something quick and easy. Don't worry about it, we have the answer for you.

Top 3 Musical Instruments Easy to Learn for Both Kids and Adults

1- The Ukulele

It's the easiest to learn out of all the stringed musical instruments, on top of that, it's not that expensive, perhaps due to its small size. With its four nylon strings, you can learn how to play your most favorite songs in a couple of weeks only.

2- Drums

They're very fun to play and can teach you a lot of things about rhythm, timing, and listening, which paves the way for you to learn other musical instruments. They strengthen your limbs and they're considered to be the best stress relievers. However, they're a tad expensive.

3- The Keyboard

If you're obsessed with the piano and would love to be able to buy one and play it someday, you can take your first step with the keyboard. It's so much cheaper, it's portable, and very low maintenance. The main difference between a keyboard and a piano is that the keyboard's sounds are produced electronically.

OpenSooq has a wide variety of used musical instruments, sold directly by their owners, check them out.


It is a type of art that is concerned with composing, rhythm and distributing melodies, it is also the way of singing, furthermore, Music is a science that studies the origins and principles of melody in terms of compatibility or difference.

The origin of music

Music is one of the ancient arts known to man, and there is no specific information about the music origin, but it’s beginnings were certainly based on the sounds of nature; that is exported from the elements and living creatures that live in nature, such as the sounds of trees, birds, rivers, and animals.

Reed tubes were the first musical instruments was made, and over time music became part of human life and became used in many fields, such as: strengthening courage in armies in wars, and using them as a type of Education in Musical institutes, and other fields.

Types of musical instruments

Stringed instruments

These machines are made of strings and wooden boards that accept vibration, and these panels consist of a box that has a nozzle on its front face so that it contributes to the ease of ringing the strings, it also helps to amplify all the sounds emanating from the strings, whether by methods, clicking, rubbing or hitting, and among the types of string instruments, Bouzouq, Rabbah, mandolin, and agarwood.

Pneumatic machines

They are the musical instruments whose sound comes through the vibrating air when it comes out or in through it, through the body of the instrument or a hollow-shaped tube, due to the blow in it, where clarinet and trombone are Examples of Pneumatic machines.

Percussion instruments

They are instruments used in musical instruments to add rhythm to the music, especially during the orchestra play. Rhythmic instruments mainly rely on hitting or beating using certain methods, such as shaking, clicking, or shocking.

Electric electronic machines

Types of Bahraini folk music

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