Luxurious flat for rent in Hoora 1BHK 230 BD

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Our new offer... Golden Lion Real Estate Company Flat (230) BD including electricity, 1BHK one bedroom for rent in Hoora

Property details:

1 master bedroom

1 bathroom (attached)

Large closed kitchen

living room

Semi furnished, air conditioners

Ewa type: includes with cover 30 BD

Facilities and amenities:


Rent: BD 230 with EWA

Location: Hoora - close to Carrefour

Payment method: 1 month rent + negotiable security.

Contracts concluded for one year are renewable.

Sales Agent: Tim Ibrahim

Call us on our number:

: إضغط ليظهر الرقم.. 00973337405XX

إعلان رقم: 241307045
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